We invite companies to become members of the Alliance, express their views, and participate in the advocacy for regulatory and policy improvements that facilitate growth and advancement for the veterinary pharmaceutical and animal health industries.

Why Belong?

GADA provides organizations interested in the regulatory and legislative processes surrounding the approval of new generic animal drugs with information, education and opportunities to participate in improving the regulatory process. Member benefits include:

  • Participation in quarterly face-to-face meetings with FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine; regulatory approval and compliance processes are mutually examined, and areas of improvement identified
  • Representation at GADA Annual and Mid-Year Member Meetings, where GADA member representatives set and advance the goals and objectives of the organization
  • Participation in GADA Subgroups which carry out the objectives of the Alliance, as determined by its members annually
  • Access to the GADA Knowledge Mine, the online resource center for GADA members only
  • Participation in online Electronic Submissions Discussion Forum to share tips and information on all topics related to electronic submissions to CVM
  • Participation in GADA's members-only LinkedIn Discussion Group where industry news, announcements, and other information is shared
  • Listing on the GADA online member directory, and use of the GADA Members' Logo

GADA has two types of membership:

  • Regular Members are manufacturers and/or distributors of generic animal health products that sponsor or are pursuing sponsorship of Abbreviated New Animal Drug Applications (ANADAs).
  • Associate Members are engaged in any facet of the veterinary health industry other than sponsoring or pursuing an ANADA.

GADA Membership Application