Generic Animal Drug Advancement Act Introduced
March 21, 2023
The Generic Animal Drug Advancement Act, H.R. 1683, will update the Federal FD&C Act to correct current limitations to the approval of generic animal drug applications. “The Generic Animal Drug Advancement Act cuts bureaucratic red tape and ensures safe, effective, and affordable generic animal drugs are readily available. This will help farmers ranchers keep their livestock healthy and allow pet owners the best ability to take care of their pets. I'm so grateful to have such great partners in GADA and its members," said Rep. Mace. MORE


GADA, AHI Submit Joint Comments on Judicious Antimicrobial Use in Pet Population
September 22, 2022
GADA has joined AHI to submit comments to on antimicrobial drug use in companion animals, which contributes to progress under the agency’s 5-Year Plan on Supporting Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterinary Settings. Antibiotic resistance is a global public health priority, and industry supports efforts to ensure that when antibiotics are used, they are used responsibly but notes that effort should be taken to ensure access to these life-saving tools.

The animal health industry has a long history of collaborating with the FDA on responsible antimicrobial stewardship efforts. In 2017, the animal health industry completed voluntary implementation of FDA’s Judicious Use Policy for Antimicrobials approved for food producing animals as outlined in Guidances for Industry (GFI) #209 and 213. The industry voluntarily supported additional efforts outlined in GFI #263 to transition all remaining formulations of medically important antibiotics used in food-producing animals from over-the-counter (OTC) to prescription (Rx) status. This work is currently underway.


GADA Joins the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI)
GADA is now a member of the Food and Drug Law Institute, a nonprofit membership organization that offers education, training, publications, and professional engagement opportunities in the field of food and drug law. As a neutral convener, FDLI provides a venue for stakeholders to inform innovative public policy, law, and regulation. More information on FDLI, click here.


GADA Enters into Reciprocal Membership with IPEC Americas
GADA has entered into a reciprocal membership with IPEC Americas. IPEC-Americas is a U.S. trade association whose members include excipient producers, distributors, and finished drug manufacturers, as well as companies and individuals that supply other specialized services to industry segments. IPEC-Americas brings together diverse stakeholders that share a common objective: Safe and effective production and use of excipients. The membership allows a limited number of IPEC Americas individuals to attend CVM Triannual meetings and will also allow a limited number of GADA individuals to attend IPEC quarterly committee meetings. More information on IPEC Americas can be found here.


GADA-CVM Triannual Meeting Summary & Debrief Meeting Recording Available
GADA Members can log in and head to the GADA Knowledge Mine to access the written Summary of the June 24, 2021 Triannual meeting including a link to the recorded Member Debrief session that followed.


GADA to Co-Sponsor Vet API Workshop at USP
January 2, 2018

Uninterrupted availability of veterinary APIs to the pharmaceutical industry is critical. As regulatory and Pharmacopeial standards evolve, issues may arise resulting in Import Alerts, supply chain interruptions and drug shortages. This workshop, April 18-19, 2018 at USP in Rockville, MD, is open to the public and is designed to help understand the issues that arise between Industry and regulatory bodies pertaining to APIs and VMPs to better facilitate processes and provide solutions. The workshop will bring Industry and regulators together in an interactive environment with presentations and panel discussions covering all aspects of Veterinary Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. For more information, click here.


GADA and CVM Present Antimicrobial Sales & Distribution Reporting Training
October 26, 2016

GADA will host a virtual training session on Wednesday, November 2, provided by CVM and presented by Sue Dessai of HFV 212 - Division of Surveillance, to assist members in new reporting requirements for sales and distribution of antimicrobial animal drugs. The objectives of the training session are:

  • To understand and review the requirements for the reporting of species-specific estimates of sales and distribution data.
  • To introduce and review the revised Form FDA 3744, which is now required to be submitted for antimicrobial sales and distribution reporting.
  • To demonstrate the procedures for completing the new form, using various examples;
  • To discuss the option to avoid duplicative reporting of product sales (for ADUFA 105 and periodic drug experience reports); and provide procedures for changing the reporting period and reporting submission date of affected applications.
  • To address any questions related to the updated final rule.

The session begins at 12:00 Noon (Eastern), and is expected to be approximately 1.5 hours. There is no registration fee; all GADA member representatives are welcome to participate. For training login information please contact GADA at


GADA Announces New Chair
August 3, 2016

Bill Zollers, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs - North America for Norbrook, Inc. has been appointed Chair for the Generic Animal Drug Alliance. Bill will fulfill the unexpired term vacated by former Chair Jennifer Johansson who recently resigned following her departure from Putney, Inc. Bill, as Chair of GADA, will represent GADA as Co-Leader (with Doug Rupp, GADA Vice Chair) of the AGDUFA III Negotiations Team and will fulfill all of the duties of the Chair as described in the GADA bylaws. Bill formerly served as both Vice Chair, and as Secretary, for GADA and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role.


GADA Applauds FTC Effort to Ensure Veterinarian and Pet Owner Access to Generic Animal Drugs
July 8, 2015

The Generic Animal Drug Alliance (GADA), an independent professional trade organization representing generic animal health industry interests, says that FTC staff comments in their recent report entitled "Competition in the Pet Medications Industry" indicate that pet owners would benefit from increased access to veterinary generic drugs. Furthermore, the FTC report encourages veterinary drug industry stakeholders to continue to inform the FTC about exclusive dealing practices designed to restrict the large national distributors that serve 75% of the veterinarians in the United States from accessing veterinary generics.

GADA Chair, Jennifer Spokes Johansson, says the FTC was spurred to investigate manufacturer distribution policies and practices in the pet medications industry on behalf of U. S. pet owners who spent approximately $7.6 billion on prescription and OTC pet medications in 2013. "We believe that pioneer drug company restrictions on distributors' ability to carry generic animal drugs harm both veterinarians and pet owners, as both groups would benefit from increased access to FDA approved veterinary generics, and we encourage the FTC to take further action against such practices" says Johansson.


GADA Chair to Speak at Animal Health Forum
July 7, 2015

Jennifer Spokes Johansson, GADA Chair and Senior VP, Regulatory Policy and Counsel for Putney, Inc. will be presenting at the Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Animal Health and Veterinary Drugs and Therapeutics, September 10-11, 2015 at The Carlton Hotel, New York, NY. Johansson will present as part of a panel session entitled "Animal Medicines – The Approval Process" and will focus her remarks on the process for FDA approval of generic animal drugs. Other session will focus on legislative, political and grassroots initiatives impacting the animal health industry and issues such as drug compounding, advertising and promotion practices, adverse event reporting and animal feeds.

Registration discounts to attend this industry event are available to GADA Member representatives. For more information, click here.


GADA Welcomes Two New Members
June 17, 2015

GADA recently welcomed new Regular (ANADA Sponsor) Members. Lucid Pharma, LLC based in East Brunswick, NJ, currently markets a range of human cross-over products and has plans to develop, manufacture and distribute a range of veterinary generic formulations including some new to market products including orals and injectibles. Perrigo Animal Health, a business unit of Perrigo, hold ANADAs sponsored under legacy company Sergeant's Pet Care Products Company, formerly ConAgra and has plans to develop new generic animal drugs. Visit the GADA website's Member listing for more information about GADA Members.


FDA Publishes Draft Guidance for Compounding
May 19, 2015

FDA has released a draft Guidance for Industry #230 on compounding animal drugs from bulk drug substances by state-licensed pharmacies, licensed veterinarians, and facilities that register with FDA as outsourcing facilities under section 503B of the Federal FD&C Act. Also published is FDA's intention to develop a list of bulk drug substances in accordance with GFI#230. Click here for more information.


FDA to Hold Public Meeting on Alternative In Vitro Bioequivalence Pathways
March 17, 2015

On April 16, 2015, the FDA will sponsor a public meeting to discuss the use of in vitro methods as a mechanism for assessing the in vivo product BE of non-systemically absorbed (locally acting) drug products intended for use in veterinary species. The meeting will be held at 7519 Standish Place, Rockville, Maryland.

Given the imprecision and logistic challenges associated with clinical endpoint BE studies, the FDA is exploring alternative pathways that can be applied to ensure the equivalence of product performance and quality for those products that are non-systemically absorbed. Examples of the kinds of products where in vitro bioequivalence concepts can potentially be applied include some orally administered products (e.g., Type A medicated articles), solutions, emulsions, ointments, creams, suspensions, transdermal products, and intra-mammary formulations.

The FDA is seeking public input on current agency BE regulations and the possibility of adopting novel in vitro BE approaches based on in vitro release tests and product physico-chemical characterization. There will be opportunities for the speakers to respond to questions from the public as well an opportunity for participants to provide formal public comments. The agency encourages the public to submit comments and questions to the docket prior to the meeting.

Early registration is recommended because seating is limited. Attendees may register, ask general questions about the meeting, request an opportunity to make an oral presentation, or request special accommodations due to a disability by contacting Aleta Sindelar, CVM, FDA; 7519 Standish Place, Room 144, Rockville, MD 20855, 240-276-9230; Fax 240-276-9241; email address


GADA Welcomes Two New Members
February 18, 2015

GADA recently welcomed new Regular (ANADA Sponsor) Members. Quo Vademus LLC of Kenansville, NC is a distributor and sponsor of ANADAS for veterinary water soluble medications. e5 Pharma, LLC is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of animal health products located in Boca Raton, FL. Visit the GADA website's Member listing for more information about GADA Members.


GADA Elects Officers, Subgroup Chairs at 2014 Annual Meeting

GADA members met in Kansas City for the 2014 Annual Member Meeting during which elections for Officers and Subgroup Chairs were held, and goals and objectives for 2015 were established. Jennifer Spokes Johansson, J.D., Senior Vice President, Regulatory Policy and Counsel for GADA Member Putney, Inc., Portland, ME was elected Chair for the Alliance, for a three year term. Also elected for three-year terms were Stephanie Batliner, Director, Generics, Health & Wellness, Animal Health for Bayer HealthCare LLC, St. Joseph, MO, as GADA Vice Chair; Dr. Herschel J. Gaddy, Ph.D., President of Herschel J. Gaddy & Associates, St. Joseph, MO, as GADA Treasurer; and Douglas Rupp, VP Regulatory Affairs & Operations for Pharmgate, Omaha, NE, as GADA Secretary.

GADA's members also confirmed the 2015 Subgroups and Chairs, as follows:

  • GADA-CVM Relationship Subgroup: Stephanie Batliner, Bayer HealthCare LLC, Chair
  • One-Cycle Review: BE Subgroup: Doug Rupp, Pharmgate, Chair
  • One-Cycle Review: CMC/Labeling Subgroup: Bill Zollers, Aratana Therapeutics, Chair
  • Law & Regulation Subgroup: Jennifer Spokes Johansson, Putney, Inc., Chair
  • Industry Advocacy Subgroup: Randy McCallum, D.V.M, Sparhawk Laboratories, Chair
  • Illegal Pharmacy Compounding Subgroup: Herschel J. Gaddy, Gaddy & Associates, Chair